I thought the worst feeling was the airline losing your luggage. I guess it's even worse when they didn't lose it and someone actually stole it.

I have had the airline lose my luggage one time in my life. It sucks, you hope that your bag will be at your door in a couple of days. Kinley Rice of Tulsa thought that as well. She was waiting for her bag to come back, but it never did. Well, Kinley was a little shocked to see a jacket that was in her bag being sold in the Facebook marketplace.

It could be a coincidence, right? Well the person selling it, is an American Airlines baggage handler. Alright, that is a little weird but even better than that. Kinley says she matched the bar code on the tag of the jacket to numbers on the receipt. Alright, that has to be her jacket. It looks like American Airlines is investigating the incident along with the Tulsa police department.

Kinley says American Airlines is reimbursing her one thousand dollars for her lost items.

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