A 26-year-old Oklahoma woman who married her mother last year after the pair "hit it off" plead guilty to incest this week.

Misty Spann married her 44-year-old mother Patricia in 2016 after the two reunited in 2014 and "hit it off". According to Fox News, Patricia told authorities she thought the marriage was legal as she lost custody of her children while they were still minors. However, the pair reportedly had fraudulent aspirations by getting married. According to Detective Justin Smith,

Misty and Patricia told me they got married to basically defraud the state in order to receive more benefits under health care. That sort of thing.

The marriage was reported to authorities last year and an investigation began. Misty plead guilty to incest as part of a plea deal that resulted in her receiving 10 years probation. Patricia plead not guilty to incest and will go to trial, where she could end up being sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A terrifying part of this story is that this isn't even the first time Patricia married one of her children. Prosecutors said that Patricia married one of her sons back in 2008, with the marriage being annulled two years later due to incest.

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