When renters move out of a house, sometimes they leave some things behind. The people who go in and clean out these places can occasionally end up finding some pretty interesting things.

A Wichita Falls man recently discovered something unexpected while cleaning out a rental property. It definitely wasn't some hidden treasure, but it would seem the former tenant was digging for some gold...

Charles Horton was cleaning up a rental home in Wichita Falls recently when he discovered that there were some things the renters left behind. He decided to do a Facebook live video to document the disgusting findings.

He noticed there were little spots of something on some of the walls in a bedroom. They also were on the ceiling. They weren't bugs though. They weren't paint. No, the little things all over this room were...boogers! Someone had been picking their boogers and flinging them all over the walls!

Charles wasn't too grossed out, luckily. He says that in cleaning out places with Advanced Carpet Cleaning, he runs into things like this frequently. He even got a good laugh out of it.

Personally, we're just glad we're not cleaning that up. Hopefully the next tenants know how to use a Kleenex. In fact, maybe Charles should think about leaving a box for them, just to make sure they get the hint.