Bringing pride to Oklahoma, a video of a woman picking hairy gunk out of her sister's belly button has gone viral on YouTube and Reddit.

Jamie Davis of Moore, OK posted the video to YouTube and Reddit showing her removing a glob of hair and crud from her sister's navel. According to her YouTube information, it has been there for nine months,

9 months ago my sister noticed something in her belly button, but thought nothing of it. Saturday I noticed something that looked like hair hanging out of her belly button. she resisted, but I got in there realizing that it was much more than hair. this is the end product of what we pulled out of her belly button. we think its called an umbolith.

Davis told Buzzfeed that they posted the video for fun, but didn't expect it to have the reaction its had. She credits the video's popularity to the novelty of it and the on-camera reactions from her brother and sister.

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