I was on my Xbox today and saw a new app and I could not believe what I saw when I clicked on it.

You can now order a pizza from the comfort of your Xbox. I would love to start a parade, but that would require me to get off my couch, and the fact that I never need to get off my couch again is sort of the point.

Pizza Hut's new app for Xbox Live, which launched Tuesday, lets gamers use their controller, voice commands or Kinect motion controls to place an order at their local Hut and wait for that sucker to be delivered. "We're always looking at ways to give our audience more of what they're interested in," Xbox's Larry Hryb told Polygon, "If you look at our audience, they love pizza."

Now I have not tried this out yet, but it does seem like a unique idea. Would you be willing to try it out?