Valentine's Day is just one of those days that can truly prove to be overwhelming, especially to people who have just been seeing each other for a short while. While there are no defined Valentine's Day rules, where does the timeline of dating someone come into play?

Elena had a Tinder listener that called in and she was in need of some direction, so the Kidd Kraddick cast all chimed in with their two cents worth.

This listener met a guy on Bumble and they have been out a number of times, even talked for a month before they actually met. In these modern dating times we tend to avoid sharing our feelings so defining what a relationship is can easily go unnoticed.

With that said, should she expect a date on Valentine's Day? Would getting him a gift be appropriate? A true answer just doesn't seem feasible. As Elena pointed out from the guys perspective, he also might be afraid to do anything at all that could seem too forward and completely scare her off.

Big Al shared his advice and personal way of going about it all together.... celebrate it and take him or her out, just make sure to do it the day before or after, not on the big day itself.

Listen below:

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