If you have lived in Wichita Falls for more than a year, you should know all six of these things. Watch the video above and scroll down for more details.

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    What a 'Red Draw' is.

    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016
    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016

    Order a Red Draw in a city outside the Wichita Falls area and nine times out of ten that bartender will give you a strange look. Invented here in The Falls, you know you get your mug, fill it about 20% up with tomato juice, then add your favorite beer. Spices and seasonings added at your discretion.

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    Where to find 'Big Blue'


    When someone asks you to meet them at The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Wichita Falls and they say, "You know where it's at, it's right below Big Blue." We all know where Big Blue is at in Wichita Falls. You're not gonna miss it when traveling around downtown. It's the most recognizable building in Wichita Falls.

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    That Wichita Falls Has an Actual Waterfall

    For some reason back in the 80's, people thought Wichita Falls needed an actual waterfall. Before I moved here, I was never wondering where the waterfall was in Wichita Falls. Apparently, so many people wondered, so the city built a waterfall. We also got one of the cheesiest songs in the world out of it.

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    The Story of the World's Littlest Skyscraper Scam

    In 1919, a con man successfully swindled local investors by confusing them with blueprints for a massive skyscraper downtown. People thought they were investing in a 480-foot building, but the plan was actually in inches. He technically didn't lie to the people, everything said it was in inches. People just didn't read the blueprints properly. The building is officially named the Newby-McMahon building.

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    What the Best High School In Wichita Falls Is

    Photo Courtesy of Stacy Stowe
    Photo Courtesy of Stacy Stowe

    Rider and Old High have been battling it out for decades. Generations of fans have grown up loathing the other one, but let's be honest. We all know who the best is. Yeah, that's the one. You guessed it right.

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    What Happened on April 10, 1979

    If you don't know the date, you probably know the nickname 'Terrible Tuesday'. Did you know 13 tornadoes touched down that day between Northwest Texas and Southwest Oklahoma? 400 million dollars in damage was caused by the one that touched in Wichita Falls. It was the most costly tornado in Texas for decades. It is something people remember during every storm season here in Wichita Falls.


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