Gonna grab a quick workout today? I promise you will see at least one of these people on your visit.

I have become sort of a gym rat in recent years. We have a lot of great places to workout here in Wichita Falls. I personally use Gold's Gym because it's right behind our studios in Parker Square. I've noticed no matter what gym you go to, you will see these people. This is all in good fun, so don't get offended.

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    The grunters of the gym. The person who sounds like they're taking a massive dump every time they lift a weight up. I admit I may have done this a few times. Trying to get that last bit of weight up and it comes out. I also think most people don't know since they wear headphones.

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    Sweaty McGee

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    I'm not hating on people that sweat at the gym. It happens, it's a freaking gym, you're gonna sweat. I am talking about the people that don't clean their sweat off the equipment. Thanks man, I feel like I just went off a Slip N' Slide using this bench after you. Grab a wipe and wipe down the equipment.

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    Selfie Queen

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    The person who goes to the gym only to talk about it on social media. Have to get their photos and their hashtags. And the true pieces of trash -- the people who go live during a workout. Unless you run a YouTube channel and your job is working out, No one cares about you filming your workout. You can go to the gym without taking a photo, it's possible.

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    Mr. Who the Hell Dresses You?

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    I don't care what you wear to the gym, but I don't understand the people in slacks and polos working out. I saw a guy working out in a tie one day. I've also seen jeans. I assume you forgot to grab your workout bag after work, but you should just go home. Working out in jeans seems unbearable to me.

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    The Powder Police

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    These are the people that walk around with their baggies of pre-workout or protein. How the police don't think these are cocaine at a glance still baffles me. Seriously, you have this white powder in a tiny baggie. Granted, it smells like fruit punch or vanilla, but you still look like a crackhead getting every last piece into your shaker cup.