Get ready to feel all the feels that you have. Tears streamed down my face while watching this video and I'm not ashamed about it all.

A large x-ray screen was put up in the middle of a busy public place which showed the skeletons of humans dancing, hugging, and kissing. Basically, loving one another. When the humans come out from behind the screen you see that it's two males, or two females, or a kid with down syndrome, then the message hits you.

This wonderful display of love was brought about by a webpage called Love Has No Labels.  They want to raise awareness that we, as humans, are more biased than we realize. We are all human and once you strip away the exterior all you have left is what's inside and that's what matters. Love is love no matter what religion, race, gender, or age you are. What a beautiful and uplifting message, I'm beyond glad that I get to share this with all of you.