Today on Bone- Pick Monday let's just say it proved to be a tried and true challenging morning for many, including our own Kellie, who even left home early and arrived to work late...those tolls.

The first caller today was a guy named Blake who called in about his weekend trip to the lake and his bone-to-pick. Blake, as many do ran into a beautiful girl who actually offered to apply sunscreen for him. Well, poor Blake didn't realize that she only applied the sunscreen to his shoulders and is now fried like a lobster all over the rest of his body.

J-Si had one important question to ask Blake and the answer was less than promising. After the sunscreen and all did Blake get her digits? This "sweet-thing" just implied she would be there every weekend so they would run into each other again eventually. Jenna, had this very same situation occurr in her recent past and no she never saw the handsome conquest again.

Checkout the show as yes we all have bones- to-pick but some callers really are stretching it. Listen to Lindsey's story about her bone, the poor burrito lady failed to give her enough extra salsa!

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