There's a new photo circulating that shows that you might end up eating something gross at Taco Bell. I am not talking about those sketchy burrito choices at 4 in the morning.

On Sunday night, someone posted a photo on Taco Bell's Facebook page showing a Taco Bell employee licking  a giant stack of taco shells.  The person who posted it says the photo comes from a restaurant in Ridgecrest, California. The comments in response have mostly been classic Internet outrage.  You know the type, things like, "I will never eat at Taco Bell again" and "That employee should be executed."  The usual, rational stuff.

Yesterday, Taco Bell responded to the photo on Facebook. "We have strict food handling procedures and zero tolerance for any violations.We believe this is a prank and the food was not served to customers.  We are conducting an investigation and will be taking swift action against those involved." Trust me you do not want to know what goes on at a kitchen in a restaurant. I think someone licking your taco shells is the worst of your worries.