Old High

WF in Movies and TV - Take Two!
When we posted the first Wichita Fall In Movies and Television list, we asked for suggestions of anything we have missed. We got a lot of great suggestions, so here's 7 more.
Kidd Kraddick’s Harlem Shake [VIDEO]
When will it end? The Harlem Shake is still making the rounds on the internet so isn't it about time your favorite morning show got on board and made their very own Harlem Shake video? Yes it is, and yes they did!
Check out the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Harlem Shake video below plus Jenna&apo…
Which School Has More Spirit
It's time for the biggest rivalry game in Wichita Falls as the Old High Coyotes tangle with the Rider Raiders this coming Friday night at Memorial Stadium. Click through to vote for your favorite school!