Here in Texas, we take  our high school football pretty seriously. Wichita Falls is no exception to that rule. With only weeks left in the season, the playoff picture is starting to take shape, and for one Wichita Falls high school team, the playoffs seem to be the norm. recently released a list of which schools in Texas have the most playoff appearances in history. They divided it by which classes the teams play in, and Old High in Wichita Falls has definitely earned their spot in the history books.

When it comes to Class 5A Schools, the Coyotes are tied at number three for most playoff appearances. Wichita Falls High School has 42 total playoff appearances. The Top 5 for Class 5A are:

  • 1) Highland Park (Dallas) - 57
  • 2) Amarillo -54
  • 3) Three-Way Tie at 42 between Gregory-Portland (Portland), Temple, and Wichita Falls

Those 5A rankings are some of the best in the state. In fact, if you disregard all class rankings and just look at total playoff appearances for all 11-man football teams in Texas, the entire top five of the Class 5A teams end up in the top 10. In fact, Highland Park is number 1 over all, too.

Here's the top 10 Texas high school football teams for most playoff appearances over all.

  • 1) Highland Park (Dallas) - 57 (5A)
  • 2) Amarillo - 54 (5A)
  • 3) Two-Way Tie at 49 Between Hondo (4A) and Plano (6A)
  • 5) Refugio - 47 (2A)
  • 6) Mart - 46 (2A)
  • 7) Jasper - 45 (4A)
  • 8) Breckenridge - 44 (3A)
  • 9) Groveton - 43 (2A)
  • 10) Seven-Way Tie at 42 Between Wichita Falls (5A), Gregory-Portland (Portland) (5A), Temple (5A), Brownwood (4A), Yates (Houston) (4A), Cameron Yoe (Cameron) (3A), and Albany (2A)

You can see the full breakdown of the top five for each of the classes and get more information about each team at

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