If you're pregnant right now, you probably want to avoid this story.

Another survey from the fine folks at Wallethub has us taking a look at babies here in the United States. Being a parent to a new baby, you obviously want the best for them and it all starts with the big day. The day where they come into this world. This survey takes a look at that very topic.

The bad news, both Texas and Oklahoma rank in the bottom ten for the country. Texas was ranked the 10th worst state to have a baby in. Oklahoma, also very close as the eighth worst state to have a baby in. They took a look at things like hospital conventional-delivery charges to annual average infant-care costs to pediatricians per capita to determine their rankings.

It looks like what got Texas and Oklahoma their low ranks is for where they ranked in healthcare. Things like Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Ratio, Low or Very Low Food Security for Babies, and Quality of Women’s Hospitals to name a few.

You can check out the full survey for yourself here. So it looks like if you're pregnant, the place you want to be is Massachusetts and the place you don't want to be is Alabama. I can think of a lot of reasons not to be in Alabama, so we can just add this to the list.

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