The baby did have an eye injury, but is expected to recover.

Wichita Falls police were dispatched to the 2400 block of Carrigan on Monday. Wichita Falls police found a woman outside holding her baby. She told police the baby's father, Tevin Aldridge, had been on the couch with the baby when the baby head-butted him. Aldridge became upset and tossed the baby to the side. The baby then hit his face on a glass bowl and injured his eye.

Police said Aldridge admitted he was irritated when he got headbutted. He says he
did not throw the baby but put him to one side and the baby fell into the bowl. Police questioned a bruise under that baby's eye and Aldridge told police that the baby was 'clumsy'. The mother also had bruising under her eye as well, according to police.

The mother said when she admonished Aldridge about pushing their baby, he kicked her in the face. He claims he pushed her with his foot. Tevin Aldridge is charged with injury to a child and assault family violence.

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