This makes me want to puke, but if you love pickles it could be for you.

I personally think that pickles ruin everything that they touch. For all you Texas pickle lovers, you probably know about Best Maid Pickles. They've been making pickles in Fort Worth for decades. The brand has become a house hold name and pretty soon you will see that logo in the beer aisle.

Martin House Brewing unveiled this week, 'Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer'. They used their sour beer base mixed with Best Maid's sour pickle juice to create a delicious, tart treat that will definitely make any pickle lover’s day. I would be willing to try it, but if it's for pickle lovers. You can probably guarantee one sip is good enough for me. I unfortunately do not see any place in Wichita Falls that carries this brewery, but they do say they ship in Texas.

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