Leaving a dog on the side of the road to die is terrible. Duct taping its eyes to make them blind is downright disturbing. 

A German Shepard was found on a road in Houston and police are asking several questions. the dog was obviously abused. She had several open wounds and someone wrapped her head in duct tape. After animal control picked up the dog, more problems were found.

The dog was also suffering from head trauma, her mouth was taped at one point and the dog had several tumors. The Houston SPCA did what they could to ease the dog's pain, but it was best to put the dog down. Sadly, the Houston police say this is not the first time they have encountered duct tape on a dog's head.

"Dogs get dumped on the side of the road all the time. Unfortunately the duct tape issue is a rare occurrence and it does happen," Sgt. Christine Kendrick said. "People sometimes will duct tape the dog because they bark too much and things like that but it really causes an extensive amount of damage to the skin and the tissue of the dog. So, it's certainly nothing that's acceptable."

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