Don’t you just love sports rivalries.

There’s nothing quite like the deep-seeded hatred fanbases have for their archrivals. My belief is that hatred is what fuels fandom the most.

Let me explain. I don’t know about you, but when someone hates on my favorite team, I want their team to lose with every fiber of my being. And I’m sure the feeling is mutual. It’s like a vicious cycle that just keeps feeding itself.

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Now imagine how bad it must sting to watch your coach leave to go coach the team that you hate more than any other.

That’s what Texas Tech fans have been dealing with since Head Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Beard left Lubbock for Austin last April. And they finally got their chance to let him hear about it.

Red Raider fans were lined up and waiting to “welcome” Beard back to Lubbock last night when the Longhorns’ bus arrived in town.

The Longhorns’ Brock Cunningham appeared to enjoy the “F*** UT” chants.

Tech students went as far as to block the team bus when they tried to leave, chanting “Beard’s a p**sy.”

Stay classy Tech fans.

The Longhorns and the Red Raiders will square off tonight (February 1) at 7 pm on ESPN2.

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