A Texas teen got a terrific surprise at her Quinceanera celebration when she met the Wichita Falls girl who received her brother's heart.

Ten years ago, Monique Salinas' brother Mikey was killed in a car wreck. Around the same time, Aubrey Reeves of Wichita Falls was suffering from a rare congenital heart disease and her body had already rejected two other heart transplants. While Aubrey's doctors were skeptical about finding a match, likening the chances to winning the lottery, Mikey's heart and kidney were a match and were transplanted into Aubrey.

Now, with Monique celebrating her 15th birthday, the Salinas family arranged for Aubrey to attend the Quinceanera in Benavides, to meet Monique for the first time. After singing and dancing, Monique and her family were joined by Aubrey, now 18-years-old, allowing the family to hear Mikey's heartbeat for the first time in ten years.

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