Puppy mills are a terrible place. If you actually saw what those dogs are put through, you would never buy from one. 

A puppy mill is basically a puppy factory. Someone gets a bunch of female dogs and just keeps breeding them until they die. Puppy mills can have dozens, maybe a hundred puppies at them sometimes. These dogs and puppies are not living happy lives. They're not getting the attention they need. Many just all live in a barn or cage until they're old enough to sell.

The Humane Society releases a list each and every year called 'The Horrible Hundred'. These are the hundred worst puppy mills in the country. I glanced at the list and noticed there is one on there located just an hour northwest of Wichita Falls. Vicky and Frank Hines of Hines Hill Terriers. They're located in Quanah, Texas.

The Humane Society reports that the Hines have been fined $5,050 by the state for breeding without a license. Some breeding mothers with new puppies were confined to tiny plastic crates.

The Hines were one of seven puppy mills in Texas that made the list. Oklahoma had two that made the cut on 'The Horrible Hundred' - one in Chandler and one in Stroud.

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