A Texoma man has been taken into custody after allegedly failing to pay tens of thousands of dollars in citations, many of which addressed his messy property in Wichita Falls.

Texomashomepage.com is reporting that last week, Wichita Falls Police arrested 56-year-old John Mackey for failing to pay over $41,000 in fines.  In fact, since 2019, he has been issued over 70 different citations. These weren’t speeding tickets, or parking violations either.  In fact, most of the unpaid citations that were issued were addressing his messy property at 1100 Monroe, which is littered with all sorts of random objects that some people would consider as junk.

Google Maps - Street View
Google Maps - Street View

Mackey’s front yard has become pretty messy over the past few years.  By looking at the property on Google Maps, you can see that his front yard has turned into somewhat of a mini junkyard.  In addition to having overgrown grass and weeds, his property has been filled with random items scattered around the front yard.  Some would describe him as a hoarder.  In fact, many of his unpaid citations are for failure to remove debris and rubbish, and failure to remove grass and weeds.  He’s also received citations for outdoor storage ordinance violations.

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A judge will now hear Mackey’s plea, and an explanation on why he hasn’t cleaned up his property at 1100 Monroe, which has become an eyesore to the neighborhood.  Hopefully, Mackey straightens up his property, and hauls all of the stuff that’s cluttering his front yard off to either the landfill or recycling center.

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