The headline says it all, and, if you've ever stood in line at the Starbucks on Kemp, you know it's true! Plus, if you never drank a sip of coffee, you could buy yourself a nice Ford Mustang or Toyota Corolla . . . in CASH.

According to a new survey, the average coffee drinker spends around $25,000 on coffee in their lifetime. Of the 2,000 people in the survey, 69% say they spend between $1.50 and $8 at coffee shops, five days a week.  The average came out to about $11 per week.

Assuming you work for 45 years with standard vacation time, that's around $25,000 total on coffee.

The survey also found 68% of people say they'd love to recreate Starbucks-style coffee at home but aren't confident they can.  38% own fancy coffee machines but say they never use them.