If you noticed something about your Easter seemed off yesterday, here it is.  The Easter Bunny was arrested for drugs! Oh nos!!  Well . . . as far as we know, it wasn't the actual Easter Bunny.  It was 24-year-old Joshua Lee Bolling of Danville, Virginia . . . who dresses up as the Easter Bunny to take photos with kids at the Piedmont Mall in Danville.

On Thursday, some mall workers complained to security that the Easter Bunny was acting STRANGE.  During one of his breaks, the mall cops tailed him . . . no pun intended . . . and found him with illegal prescription drugs.

Fortunately, no children were hurt.  And apparently, all the reports of his strange behavior were during his breaks, NOT when he was taking photos with the kids.

Police came and escorted him away from the scene so the kids wouldn't have to see the Easter Bunny getting arrested.  He's been charged with illegal possession of prescription narcotics. Yep, that's his mugshot above left.