OK, usually I don't go off on people, but if your IPhone unlock code is one of these, you need to change it immediately. An iPhone security app company just released the results of a study to find the top 10 most common four-digit passcodes people use to lock their iPhones.  And they are . . . shockingly obvious.  Man, I hope people are more careful when they pick their ATM codes than this. Then again, this is probably the very reason that most banks no longer let you pick your ATM/Debit Card code. The top ten codes are:

The most common by far is . . . 1234.  That's followed by 0000.

Third place is 2580 which might SOUND complicated, but is really just the four numbers in the middle column of the keypad.

The rest of the top 10 are:  1111 . . . 5555 . . . 5683, which would spell "LOVE" on a phone . . . 0852, which is the middle column again . . . 2222 . . . 1212 . . . and 1998.

More than 15% of iPhone owners use one of those 10 passcodes . . . meaning that if someone steals an iPhone, there's a one-in-seven chance they can get into the phone just by trying those.