Live from the Riviera Maya on their family vacation, the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has a story you will never believe.

Liam Smith, from England, had no choice but to start a GoFundMe account to raise $250 Euros for a new window. Liam met a girl on Tinder and they got together and ended up at his place for drinks and decided to watch a documentary on Scientology.

Well, she had to use the restroom and came out completely panicked, she had to confess she had taken a poo and the toilet wouldn't flush.

Horrified, she decided to take matters in her own hands and throw the remnants out the window. Unfortunately, they were double- paned windows and her poo just got stuck! Liam and his date went into the bathroom together and she felt certain she could use her gymnastics skills to retrieve the poo. She managed to wriggle down the window and got a hold of the excrement and pass it back to Liam who put it back in the toilet.

But now SHE was stuck!

They ended up having no choice but to call the fire department to rescue her. Listen to the story below:

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