So if you missed the phone interview with Tim Halperin yesterday, your first instinct should be to look on-line at our website for the audio.  Congrats!  You are a smart listener!  Why would we leave you hanging when we have this awesome internet platform to put all kinds of cool stuff on?  I uploaded the three part interview below.  Listen to Tim talk about how good he did in school, visiting Wichita Falls, Dubstep and find out just how many hours it takes for Tim to finally turn off the radio and enjoy the silence!  And most important of all, listen for what Tim has in store for the Pre-New Year's Eve Party at The Iron Horse Pub on Dec 29! Remember, tickets are on a first come, first serve basis at the door.

Tim's phone interview part 1:

Tim's phone interview part 2:

Tim's phone interview part 3:

And if you haven't already, download Tim's new Christmas song 'Merry Christmas' from iTunes.