Looks like someone wanted a late night McDonald's run. Well, at least some tires did.

A pretty scary sight at the McDonald's in Iowa Park. It looks like someone drove through the restaurant, but it turns out a big rig truck lost one of their dual tires and they rolled right into the building early Monday morning (7/8). The weird thing is Iowa Park Police do not know where these tires came from. Police are still looking for the truck that caused the damage.

Estimates have not come out for the total damage to the building, but it appears to be a lot. A new window, brick, and the structure will also probably be evaluated. Iowa Park police said the tire was actually smoldering when it crashed into the building and a fire crew had to come out.

Thankfully, this incident happened at 2:30 in the morning. The area where the tire hit is the dining room and thankfully that was closed at the time of this accident. According to police, nobody was hurt in the incident.

Pretty weird to think some trucker is missing some of their tires and just driving around without them. Thanks to Jimmie Phillips for the cool photo.

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