Two University of Oklahoma students who filmed a video in blackface and using the n-word have chosen to leave the school.

In a snapchat video posted January 18th, one of the two female students is seen putting black paint on her face, laughing, and saying "I'm a n****r." The video quickly went viral and gained the attention of other students and university faculty. The following day, the Theta Gamma chapter of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, where the video was apparently recorded, confirmed that the two students had been expelled from the sorority for the video.

This past Monday, OU President James Gallogly held a press conference saying that since the video was recorded off campus, the university was limited in how they could respond to the incident as OU is a public university. However, Gallogly reported that the two sophomore students have left the school of their own accord,

Those students won’t return to campus. This type of behavior is not welcomed here and is condemned in the strongest terms by me and by our university.

Under the circumstances, they could see that our culture rejects this kind of behavior in no uncertain terms. I think it became very clear to them that this type behavior is not only local news, but state news and national news.

As reported by Buzzfeed, OU students criticized the school for not taking action against the students, and instead announced that the girls were willing to publicly apologize. In his press conference, Gallogly acknowledged that this isn't the first time OU has been at the heart of a racist viral video, with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity being taped singing a racist song on a bus four years ago.

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