I really wish one of the cops would have shot the statue and would have been like "Got'em!"

On Thursday, around 7:00 P.M., the Los Angeles police responded to a silent panic call from an office building.  They reported to the scene and saw what looked like an armed sniper in the window.  So they stormed the building.

Here's the thing.  The building is the home of a video game company called Robotoki. The armed sniper was actually just a life-size figure of a soldier from the video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2".

The only person in the office at the time was Robert Bowling, who's the founder of the company.  He says they raided the place, made him come outside with his hands up, and detained him all while he was trying to tell them it was a statue.

Eventually, they cleared everything up.  One of the employees of the company randomly hit the panic button as he was leaving, just to see what it would do, then didn't tell anyone. Robotoki could be facing a fine for the false panic call, but after the LAPD mistook a statue for a sniper and detained the company's owner, they decided not to hit them with the fine.

No word on whether the company plans to move the statue from the window.