Have you ever TP'd someone's house? (If you said no, what's wrong with you?)

Did you ask their permission first? (If you said yes, what's wrong with YOU?)

It occurs to me that at some time or another almost everyone has TP'd someone else's house or yard. It's done in fun, doesn't damage anything, and we're usually so eager to hear their cries of dismay about the situation that we give ourselves away as the culprit.

Then we cheerfully clean up the mess we made.

That's usually how it works. But not always. So the La Farge, Wisconsin, police department has issued some general guidelines for would be pranksters and minor trouble makers.


If children are going to 'Toilet Paper' someone’s property, they should first receive consent from the property owner and clean up the mess when they are done.


While it's not an official city ordinance or law,  they decided that the threat was so great there was a need to make the statement.

Is this what practical joking has come to in 2019?

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