He's loved by some, feared by others, but like it or not, the Elf on the Shelf is now a bonafide Christmas tradition. The folks at What's Inside? decided that they needed to give the holiday hoodlum it's own video and let us all get to know the elf a little bit better.

As you may have guessed by their name, What's Inside? is all about seeing the inside of some of our favorite things.  When asked why they would deconstruct the Elf on the Shelf they said the best answer you could ask for, "You asked and we HAD to do it...for science."

Watch and learn what goes into that little elf before it was put in the box and ended up at your house. Be prepared, the plan for opening him results in a pretty funny scene when the insides start to come out. Also be warned, the final autopsy-style pic may make you never see the elf the same again.

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