You know what, when you spot Bigfoot in our area. You freaking tell me people!

So over the weekend, I happened to spot this story from one of my company's stations over in Amarillo. It's about a Bigfoot sighting in the area and I learned their is a website dedicated to Bigfoot sightings throughout the country. Of course I looked to see if we were safe. Wichita County, no sightings, Archer County, no sightings. Clay County...Uh Oh.


Yes, two reports of Bigfoot in Clay County throughout the years. They have three classes of clarification to see how credible the potential sighting of a Bigfoot. Class A is the highest and Class C is the lowest. Class C is basically, well my friend told me or back in the day we heard about Bigfoot in this part of town. Class A is, I saw this freaking thing with my own eyes and here's what happened.


Guess what Clay County, we got a Class A back in June of 2015. Fm 148 between Henrietta TX and Jacksboro TX then FM 172 to Bluegrove TX and Scotland TX. Here is the story from Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

It was a very dark night about 10 pm. The creature, when first sighted, ran from an open field on the west side of the road at a high rate of speed, cleared a 5 strand barbed wire fence into a 3 foot deep ditch, traversed the gravel road in two strides, went behind a tree, and was lost from sight as it was heading east. It took me 4 very long strides to cross the road. The fence it cleared first was about 5 feet tall. A four strand barbed wire fence that it presumably cleared on the east side of the road was about a foot shorter. The witness was traveling at about 55 mph when he first saw it and immediately slammed on his brakes. At this point, he was about 100 yards from the creature. Because of the light conditions, he could not provide additional details of its anatomy other than huge, dark, hairy, massive arms, and on two legs.


Well...well...think you're still safe from the Bigfoot? We haven't see one in several years, so we're probably safe. NOT SO FAST. A new report was filed in July of 2018 from a different person in Clay County. This time it is a Class B case. Which means it is credible information, but you don't get a visual of the creature.


This person was hunting in Byers near Corps of Engineers land? I went to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Services website and can't find any land in that area that is described? If you know where he is talking about, let me know. The hunter claims they walked for about twenty minutes when suddenly they heard a strange noise. A snippet from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is below.

It’s hard to describe the noise. It didn’t taper off, just a blast. I froze, and I don’t know why, but my instinct was to “whoop” at it. I “whooped” and it remained frozen too. I knew where it was but I couldn’t see it through the trees. I raised my rifle to locate whatever it was through the scope. I systematically started searching, and all of a sudden, it tore off through the woods. I saw a glimpse of it through the scope as it took off. What I saw is difficult to explain but you know how a skiers legs look them they are crouched, it was like that, like a spring compressing the knees to unleash power.

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So be careful Clay County and Mr. or Mrs. Bigfoot. You keep your ass over there and don't be coming onto the highway when I am driving back to Wichita County.

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