Miracles do happen. McDonald's has responded to the 'Rick and Morty' hype and is bringing back the Szechuan sauce. However, not everywhere. 

In case you're not a fan of 'Rick and Morty', let me explain to you this Szechuan sauce madness. During the season three premiere, Rick went back in time to show when he made the portal gun. The year was 1998 and during that time Rick went to McDonald's. They had this new McNugget sauce for the 'Mulan' movie.

If you were anything like me, you don't remember this. I was a fat kid then, how in the hell did I miss a McDonald's menu item? It is real, the commercial is below to prove it. After this episode premiered, everyone was blowing up McDonald's to bring it back. They actually sent the creators of the show a gallon jug of the stuff.

What about us? Well, the time is now people. This Saturday, October 7, it will be back for a limited run. I do mean limited run, as in only on October 7. What the hell?! One day?! Alright McDonald's, fine. I will make the trip on Saturday to get some. Not so fast.

Only certain McDonald's get it. Why?! Is this sauce using the rare infinity stones or is it made of Dragonballs? Why can't we mass produce this for everyone? Looks like the closest one to us is gonna be in Denton. The full locations can be found on their website.

If you're reading this in Oklahoma, McDonald's hates you. Literally NOWHERE in Oklahoma is getting it. Whoever at McDonald's decided to do this for one day, at limited locations, you messed up. Disney is making a live-action 'Mulan' movie in the next few years. Bring it back then for everybody.

Apparently, this one-day thing isn't even for the Szechuan sauce. It's for the new buttermilk crispy tenders. McDonald's we could give two craps about new tenders, just give us this damn sauce. Hell, it was 'Mulan' MCNUGGET sauce.

McDonald's will also be doing a limited run of posters for each sauce, including the Szechuan one. Which is obviously inspired by 'Rick and Morty'. Good luck trying to score one of those.

Finally, if I somehow get Szechuan sauce to Wichita Falls. I will attempt to eat 100 chicken nuggets in one sitting. We will film it and put it on the website. Come on McDonald's, do the right thing and give the sauce to the people. I mean all of the people.

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