Tomorrow (June 4) is National Donut Day, which means I have to eat donuts.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I could easily eat a half-dozen glazed donuts when I was a kid. I had no restraint whatsoever as a little dude.

As much as I love donuts, I’m a carb counter these days, so I rarely eat ‘em. But I do tend to cheat on Fridays, so I’m pleased as peach that National Donut Day falls on a Friday.

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Here’s the dilemma, though. There are so many great donut shops in Wichita Falls, that it’s hard to choose. But, I figure since National Donut Day means sweet deals on donuts, the choices are narrowed down a bit.

Here are a few National Donut Day deals you can take advantage of here in Wichita Falls:

Dunkin Donuts

Get a free classic donut of your choice when you purchase a beverage.

Shipley Do-nuts

Get a free glazed donut with any purchase from 5 am – 12 pm.


Participating locations will hook you up with free coffee and a free donut between 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

Maybe you’re more of a DIY type and would rather make your own donuts for National Donut Day. In that case, Sally’s Baking Addiction has a 5-star rated homemade glazed donuts recipe.

So, how do you plan on celebrating National Donut Day? Drop us a line in the comments section below or just give us a holler on any one of our social media sites.

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