So a bunch of the geese population was killed off in Wichita Falls. Maybe they could be helping us out right now.

What About the Geese in Wichita Falls?

Just over a month ago, we found out the Midwestern State University and the United States Department of Agriculture – Texas Wildlife Services implemented a plan to euthanize some of the geese at Sikes Lake. They were apparently overpopulated and causing damage to the lake area as well. So...some geese were killed. I actually saw some folks protesting on Taft Boulevard just this past weekend about the geese killings.

Now Wichita Falls has a Cricket Infestation

Just yesterday, I wrote a story about how you can get rid of crickets in Wichita Falls without using chemicals. Seems like the cricket population is out of control this year and I have maybe a dumb opinion on this, but maybe the geese were helping us out around this time of the year.

Turns Out Geese Eat Crickets

If you look up what do Geese eat? Every site says that they're omnivores.  Roots, shoots, stems, seeds, and leaves of grass and grain, bulbs, and berries account for 90% of their diet. Turns out geese get the rest of their diet by feasting on insects. This includes mosquitos, grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, and worms.

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So maybe killing off a bunch of the geese population actually is why the crickets are so bad this year. I'm no environmental expert, but those geese would have quite the buffet on their hands right now if they were still alive.

Wichita Falls Bee Infestation at Local 7/11

Looks like one of our local 7/11 stores had quite the bee infestation behind one of their outside walls. Here's some pretty cool exclusive photos of the removal process.

Where is Every Wichita Falls Horse in Town?

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