Want to know a funny college story about me and a dinosaur?

I am getting pumped for the new Jurassic World movie this weekend. I love dinosaurs so much and every time I think of them. This one random moment pops into my head from Midwestern State University. The time where I thought my group was going to win a competition, but we ended up losing.

At Midwestern State University, I believe every department has their own version of a 'senior project'. For the Mass Communication department, you have to make a 12-15 documentary. One of my group members let us know about this WW2 style paratrooper team just north of us in Fredrick, Oklahoma. My idea of following a Wichita Falls stripper around was shot down (Not joking, really my idea).

This documentary was very nerve racking. Mainly for the fact these paratroopers only did this two weekends during our semester. So if it rained or we had an equipment malfunction, we were f***ed on footage, can't come back tomorrow and re-shoot. Thankfully we got some amazing footage and everything worked great.

It was pretty cool when the Mass Communication department picked our documentary to represent the department that year. This awards show was sometime in the spring of 2013 and since most of my group left in December of 2012 after our graduation. I was one of the few that represented us at this awards thing.

All these departments were giving presentations on their senior projects. If you gave me a million dollars, I could not remember one of them. We showed our documentary and talked a little about it. No joke, I thought we had this in the bag. No way we could possibly lose.

Then, someone from the science department came to present their senior project. Come to find out they basically discovered a new dinosaur. The only article I can find is , someone from 2010 at Midwestern State finding a partial caiman dinosaur skull. If this is the wrong one, my bad. The sentiment is the same though, someone from my school had found a dinosaur fossil that advanced the research on a particular dinosaur species.

I don't give a s*** what our documentary was about. We were not beating a new dinosaur fossil. That presentation 100% deserved to win. I was happy to settle with 2nd place that day.

Hopefully on Monday I don't come into work in a sour mood because the new Jurassic World sucks, but I will never forget when a dinosaur beat me from winning an award.

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