Santa will be coming to town just a few days, got to make sure the kids get a chance to go tell him what they want. This Wichita Falls kid just wasn't having it, though.

Lindsay Barnes Blankenship took her daughter to go see Santa the other day. The photographer at Gordon Photography snapped the photo at the perfect moment as little Lauren was trying desperately to crawl away from Santa.

The look she is giving the camera is what absolutely makes the photo. She's like, "Is anybody gonna get the fat red man away from me?"

Lindsey posted the photo to Facebook with the caption, "There's no words to describe this. 😂 thanks Gordon photography for capturing this moment.... it's totally Lauren. And I'm still cracking up! 😂"

Funny Santa Pic - Wichita Falls
Courtesy Lindsey Blankenship via Gordon Photography

It's OK Lauren, I have a classic photo of me being terrified of Mickey Mouse while I'm totally decked head to toe in Mickey ears and a Mickey shirt. Sometimes those people in costumes can be a little scary.

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