Grinch, Scrooge, and then this guy as the villains of Christmas.

You have these adults going around trying to ruin Christmas fun. We all know Santa is real. We see him every year, but some adults have to be a Grinch this time of year. Today I introduce you to Aaron Urbanski the Texas Grinch of 2018. Aaron decided to protest a Breakfast with Santa in Cleburne, Texas this weekend.

I understand you have the right to protest, but really? Santa? Well, Aaron and three other gentlemen were telling families before going into the breakfast that Santa wasn't real. The three men were asked multiple times to leave the church where the breakfast was taking place.

When cops showed up, the other two people left. Aaron decided to continue his protest. Since Aaron was asked to leave private property and refused. He was arrested for trespassing and many want him charged with more. Mayor Scott Cain of Cleburne released a statement on this local Grinch.

"Are you kidding me - Protesting Santa?" Cain wrote on his Facebook page. "While I understand folks right to protest, Cleburne loves Santa and those protesters who were naughty and broke the law when they trespassed were arrested promptly. Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance."

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