You would think that common sense would suggest that reporting your involvement in criminal activity to the police would be a bad idea, but to be fair, common sense isn't really all that common.

According to the Times Record News, a dude in the 1100 block of Harrison called the WFPD after he got shortchanged on a drug deal last Thursday afternoon. When officers arrived, the man told them he'd given his dealer $20 for a baggie of dope, but he didn't get his $10 change back.

So logically, he wanted the cops to go to his dealer's apartment and get him the money he was owed. My best guess is that the police don't specialize in botched drug deal collections, but I'll bet a dollar to a donut they eventually paid the dealer a visit.

Of course, the officers were curious as to what ol' boy did with the baggie he had initially got from the dealer. Turns out, the guy had chunked it into the bushes before they arrived.

After our buddy went and fetched the baggie, the cops conducted a field test. Afterward, it was determined that the substance, which was believed to be methamphetamine, was actually just salt.

So the dude not only got screwed out of his money, he also ended up with a citation for soliciting to acquire a controlled substance, which I'm guessing is gonna set him back more than $20.