While we are no Dallas, traveling around Wichita Falls can seem just as frustrating. We all know those roads we avoid, I’m sure you instantly thought of a few, and when we are forced to take them, we groan while our insurance premiums wait patiently to be used.

Here are just a few roads that suck in Wichita Falls and why they make our eyes roll.

1. Lawrence Road

This road deservingly ranks #1 and I’m sure you could have guessed it. Lawrence Road that separates one of three Walmart’s and the Quail Creek shopping center. In recent years, there has been a traffic light installed but it doesn’t help the hectic traffic when entering or exiting most of these stores. Even better, our much loved and awaited Panda Express has been planted right in the middle of it all. If you’re really craving that orange chicken, you’re going to have to work for it and have some near-misses.

worst roads in Wichita Falls Lawrence road
Lawrence Road - Wichita Falls

2. US-287 South

Next on our list is US-287 South traveling toward Henrietta. It’s somewhat to be expected and we’ve encountered those drivers who don’t acknowledge the left lane is meant for passing. (No, it’s not the “fast “lane.) This highway runs around and through the city but once you near Henrietta, the lanes become fast and faster. As a major route to busy Dallas, drivers seem to be preparing themselves for I-35 traffic about two hours ahead of time. The congestion of 18-wheelers consistently traveling this way only make it more unnerving.

worst roads in wichita falls
US-287 South

3. Kell West Blvd

Since this road lines the center of the city, it was destined to make the list. Unlike its eastbound twin, Kell West can be seriously problematic in the evening during the fall months. As if 5:00 p.m. traffic wasn’t already challenging enough, the evening Sun blinds drivers on Kell West. It’s safe to say taking Kell West on a November evening is similar to maneuvering Mario Kart.

worst roads wichita falls
Kell West in the evening

4. Kemp Street

Kemp Street gave us all good memories as a teenager, but with continuous road construction and plethora of businesses that line it, there’s no wonder why so many accidents occur there. Monday through Friday stays busy but the weekends are still spent by young and inexperienced drivers more worried about impressing their friends. The intersections at both Kell Boulevards and Call Field are typically congested at any time of the day and that is why Kemp Boulevard made this list of roads that suck.

Kemp and Callfield
Kemp and Callfield - Townsquare Media

5. FM 369

FM 369 toward Iowa Park is a long and winding two-way road with little to offer on each side. The speed limit is 60 mph but drivers notoriously speed down the farm to market road which makes turning from it, SCARY. Due to the turns, following motorists aren’t always able to see when a car ahead is at a complete stop and signaling to turn. By the time they’re able to see around a turn, they have little time to slow and pray the drivers behind them pay attention as well. Although FM 369 is a two-lane road, there’s a small window for passing because of the many turns, meaning if you’re caught behind a slow driver, you’re likely to stay there until you reach Old Iowa Park Road or Kell Boulevard.

bad roads wichita falls fm 369
FM 369

Those are just a few roads in Wichita Falls that can bring out the road rage in all of us, but it doesn’t end there. As much as we wish we could avoid them all, sometimes there is just no way around it.

Can you think of any roads that suck that weren’t mentioned here? Discuss them in the comments below.

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