Congratulations Wichita Falls! You're once again putting our local Walmarts on the map.

In case you missed this story, another Wichita Falls woman is getting national attention from one of our Walmarts. This time, no wine or Pringles cans were involved. At least as far as I know. Looks like on Tuesday, Wichita Falls police were called out to Walmart about a woman trying to sneak past the registers with a cake.

She was trying to pay half price since half of the cake was in the box. Makes sense, right? Well, here is the problem, she is the one that ate the other half of the cake. She was seen walking the aisles enjoying the cake on several occasions. When she tried to sneak this one past, a manager was called.

Once the police arrived she agreed to pay full price for the cake. She was not arrested or cited for this incident. She is officially banned from this Walmart location. Once again proving that you never know what will happen on a trip to a Wichita Falls Walmart.


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