The video above was shot on a beach in Karwia. Karwia is a small town on the Baltic Sea in Northern Poland. It was posted by a YouTube user named Arkadiusz Łukowski without much of a description. All he said was "Dzik w Karwii na plaży" which (when ran through Google Translator) says, "Wild boar in Karwia on the beach."

So, we don't know much about the backstory, but it sure does look like a frightening situation. Can you imagine just being out for a relaxing day on the beach, catching some sun, when all of a sudden something this crazy happens?

The wild boar runs out of the water after being frightened by a jet-ski. It then tries to take off up the beach but runs into a fence. You can tell the boar is probably more frightened then the people and is just trying to get away.

Unfortunately, with all the people around it ends up looking like it's attacking. According to a Polish news site, the boar eventually found the exit and was able to run off into the woods.

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