A Wichita Falls woman was sentenced on Friday on charges of theft, robbery and drug possession.

KFDX reports that 27 year-old Rebecca Noland was arrested back on August 19th of last year after she attacked two loss prevention officers who tried to stop her as she was leaving the Wal-Mart on Greenbriar.

The first officer who tried to stop Noland was bitten on the arm, the second male officer was pushed to the ground and suffered minor injuries.  Noland attempted to steal three towels and a doorknob; in all, about $23 worth of merchandise.

Noland’s legal troubles do not end with the Wal Mart arrest.  In separate cases, Nolan tried to stop officers from searching her underwear during an arrest.  She was found to have a bag of methamphetamine concealed in her underwear.

She was also sentenced in another theft case.  In total, Nolan received 4 years combined jail time on all the charges.  Those sentences will be served concurrently, meaning she will likely be released in about 24 months.

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