How much would you pay for your dog to get married? For a woman in New York, it would seem money is no object. She’s shelling out $250,000 for her dog to get hitched in what is sure to be the event of the summer.

Wendy Diamond rescued her dog, Baby Hope, form a shelter. She hatched a play that included a groom being chosen online, and that lucky dog hails from Virginia. The price tag for this event may sound ludicrous to the rest of us, but it’s all being done to benefit the Humane Society of New York.

Included in the lavish festivities are 250 humans and 50 dogs, and they’ll be listening to a seven-piece orchestra and dining on sushi. The bride is wearing a custom wedding dress, and it’s all being coordinated by Harriette Rose Katz, who also planned Billy Balwin’s wedding to Cheyenne Phillips.

It’s not clear how money is being raised for the event, whether guests are contributing in order to attend, or if people are shelling out money online in support of the wedding, but funds are going to a worthwhile cause.

Nothing has been reported on honeymoon plans for the happy couple. It's also not clear what the dogs will dine on while the others are eating sushi, but one could speculate that the doggy bags won't be your typical kibble.

Would you throw a wedding for your pet? What would he or she think about being dressed up in a custom outfit? Is Diamond’s idea ridiculous or genius?