Wedding ring lost in garbage

Once again this would never happen to me, I have no luck in the world. 45-year-old Danielle Carroll teaches a painting class in Battery Park in New York City.  On Sunday, she was cleaning up after class, and accidentally threw out her diamond wedding ring with some old rags.

What's crazy is on Monday morning she wakes up and realizes the awful thing she has done. So she goes to the dumpster where her trash was, but it had been emptied. So all Danielle could do was leave a note for the driver of the trash truck on his windshield saying "I believe my wedding ring is in this truck."

In a million years I don't think anyone would go deep into a garbage truck for a small wedding ring. If it was something big and noticeable like a bike sure, maybe I would jump in some trash. For a small ring that I don't think I could find, never.

Well a sanitation man by the name of Gary Gaddist found the note and went into the truck to attempt to find the ring. In ONE hour he finds it. How he did it so quickly I would love to know.

Danielle now has her ring back and I can't believe how lucky she is to have it. If I was her, I would be buying some lottery tickets

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