Well the secret is out, most women are hoarders. No wait, not hoarders, lets say overly prepared. Buzzfeed released this video yesterday asking women to dump out their purses and the result is not that shocking. These women find things in their purses that they admit to having no idea how it got in there. One lady found 5 CD's in her purse!

As a woman, I can somewhat relate to this. The wonderful convenience of having a purse is that you can fit all kinds off stuff in it so you can always have that stuff with you. After time, the stuff just becomes part of your purse and most likely will never get used or just completely forgotten about. That's what we women do though, over prepare. You never know when you're going to need a piece of paper or some gum to offer your coworker with rank breath or a midday snack so, when it crosses your mind, you throw it in the purse. Even when we get a new purse, all that stuff gets transferred to it as if it can't be separated or the world will end. I have to say, though, that I'm quite proud that my purse is pretty organized with clear zipper bags so I can still see everything but have it all in order. I'm OCD like that I suppose.

Hate all you want but, when there comes a time that you're in a place where you badly need a toothpick or a pen or medicine for your headache or tweezers or an extra pair of socks (you get the idea), the lady with the big purse full of stuff will be your best friend.

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