Our first New Year's resolution as a society should be to eliminate some of these horrible words and phrases from our collective vocabulary in 2016.

Lake Superior State University in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan just released its annual list of words that need to be banned. The list is based on thousands of nominations from people around the world.  Here are their five best picks:

1.  Vape

Vape and vaping are used to describe the act of ‘smoking’ e-cigarettes

2.  Price Point

Because you can just say "price."

3.  Secret Sauce

It's overused in business to explain why companies are successful.

4.  Manspreading

It's slang for when men sit with their legs wide open on a subway to take up two seats.

5.  Break the Internet

The stupid phrase for how amazing a picture is, that's now being overused.

You can see the full 2016 list of words to ban here.

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