If you know a good one, the window is now open for requests.

So it looks like Wichita Falls is getting two new high schools and they're going to need some names. The WFISD is now taking suggestions. You can do that online, through this link or you can go pick up a physical form at the WFISD Education Center. That is located at 1104 Broad Street.

Obviously, I know by me sharing this story, people are going to submit something like Schooly McSchoolface. I however, have a very serious name for the school. Tom Landry High School. That's right, I want to name the school after the most famous coach in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.

Do you know how much national attention the Wichita Falls high school would get if we did this? Come on WFISD, do the right thing and name the school after Tom Landry. This would now give the city of Wichita Falls two 'King of the Hill' references. In case you don't remember, Bobby Hill attended Tom Landry Middle School.

Screenshot from FOX
Screenshot from FOX

This would put Wichita Falls on the map once again with Cowboys fans and also 'King of the Hill' fans. If anyone has any other great ideas, please fill out the official form in the link above. I sincerely hope the board with the WFISD takes my request seriously.

By the way, if you don't think I actually submitted this, you clearly don't know me.

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