Is Hank Hill lying to me or is this tape in storage somewhere?

I have already talked about this episode of King of the Hill several times. Season 3 Episode 19 of King of the Hill has become famous in our town. Where Hank and Bobby visit Wichita Falls for the Dallas Cowboys training camp. However, one aspect of this episode always raises an eyebrow for me.


When Hank and Bobby stay at The Wichitan (seen above), they find a tape from the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce about how they lured the Cowboys to have their training camp in Wichita Falls. Sorry I can't find a clip from the show of this moment, but this what leads to Hank making a movie to show the Cowboys they should have their training camp in Arlen instead of Wichita Falls.

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In all my research of the Cowboys moving to Wichita Falls, I have not found evidence of the city sending the Cowboys a video of why Wichita Falls is the perfect place for a Cowboys training camp. From what I have seen it was a plane with a banner flying over Texas Stadium during a Cowboys game. The banner said, "Hey, Jerry, Wichita Falls wants your Cowboys."

By the way, if anyone has anything on that plane or this tape send it my way. In watching Hank's Cowboys Movie for Arlen. I noticed one of the biggest errors in King of the Hill History. Fast forward to the 42 second mark of the video. Is that Hank Hill grilling on a CHARCOAL GRILL?

Mr. Propane and Propane Accessories grilling on a charcoal grill. No wonder Jerry didn't pick Arlen as a training camp site for the Cowboys. Looks like Hank Hill is one big phony.

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