One true fact of life: not everybody can get a driver's license, but ANYONE can become a parent.  As you may or may not be aware, I am constantly on the lookout for possible 929 NIN "Parent of the Year" possibilities.  Well, my head about exploded when I came across the website  I highly suggest you head there and look over everything they have to offer, however, for now enjoy 10 of my favorites from said site.

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    Din, Ding, Ding, We Have A Winner

    Good Lord, this is so bad it could almost be classified as child abuse.  Why?  Why?  Why? Actually, this photo has made me speechless, so I'll just let it stand on its merits, or lack thereof.

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    Daddy, Why Is my Arm Tingling?

    Yep, always nice to have your young one clinging to an electric fence.  I am assuming that the fence was off at this time, but just look at the dad.  Not a care in the world! Meanwhile he's lucky that Lucy is not crispy.

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    Mannequin Molestation

    I know that sometimes the slippery little buggers can get away from you.  However, if you are too busy to notice that junior is undressing the store mannequins, perhaps parenting isn't your thing.  Let's all be thankful that the mannequins were not anatomically correct.

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    I AM Just Like Daddy!

    Not really a fail in my book, but still funny none-the-less.  Especially since the baby has that bib on.  the sad reality of the whole thing is that dad has probably struck that exact same pose sometime during his early courtship of mom.

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    Never Too Young To Look Like an Idiot

    Love the earrings dude! Or should we say ear spikes? Not sure what the goal is, but if you start out this young with the large earrings, there's a good chance you could fit a whole car tire in your ear lobe by the time your 18.  Way to go mom!

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    A Memory Junior Will Treasure Forever

    I know that some people disagree with me about this, but, having lived in several cities that had a Hooters, it never ceased to amaze me how many dads would drag mom and the kids to eat sub-par wings and look at UU.  Hey, these parents took it a step farther and recorded the trip for posterity! 

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    Hey Billy, have you seen daddy's A$-Less Chaps?

    Wow, just wow.  I don't know where this guy is taking his son, but it doesn't look like church to me. What kind of thought process goes into deciding to take your young son to something like this? "Dang it, he'll just have to suck it up.  I'm not missing this Pride Day because I don't have a baby-sitter!"

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    You're Never Too Young For a Tramp-Stamp. (Now I'm just like mommy!)

    Thank God you have to be at least 18 to get a tattoo anywhere in the United States, or I bet we would see these start popping up everywhere. 

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    So Much is Wrong Here, I Don't Know Where To Start

    I'll leave it at that.  I hope this youngster makes it to 18 so he can get the heck away from his crazy dad!

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    Mommy, What are you Doing?

    Come on.  I know you are free and 21 and can do just about anything you want, but if you want to take sexy pictures of yourself, in the name of all that's holy, do it when your kid is not around!

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